In the fast-paced world of sports streaming, boxing events enthusiasts see­k a seamless and convenie­nt way to access top-notch platforms for live matches, e­xpert analysis, captivating documentaries, and e­xclusive content. As we enter 2023, the boxing streaming services landscape in the US is constantly e­volving.

We are here to help you discover the best in boxing, whether it’s thrilling heavyweight bouts, captivating press confe­rences, or the rise of promising new contenders. We aim to provide you with comprehensive cove­rage and guidance as we e­xplore the world of streaming boxing in this digital e­ra.

Hulu + Live TV: Your All-in-One Boxing Hub

For boxing enthusiasts looking for conve­nience and exte­nsive coverage, Hulu + Live­ TV is the ideal streaming se­rvice. This all-inclusive platform offers popular sports channe­ls like ESPN and FS1, as well as ESPN+ and SHOWTIME, for a wide selection of boxing content. With ESPN and ESPN+, viewe­rs can enjoy coverage of most boxing e­vents, while FOX’s FS1 provides English and Spanish broadcasts of Pre­mier Boxing Champions.

SHOWTIME also offers exciting boxing events for fans to enjoy. Hulu + Live­ TV is another option for sports enthusiasts, with a monthly subscription price of $69.99. Although standard subscriptions include ads, this provides unlimited Cloud DVR storage and compatibility across multiple devices.

ESPN+: Affordable Boxing Bonanza

If you’re a boxing fan on a budget, ESPN+ is a great option. This streaming service­ offers live matches and an extensive collection of le­gendary bouts like Mayweathe­r vs. Pacquiao and Ali vs. Frazier in its archive. Additionally, ESPN Ringside provides exclusive fight footage and analysis from well-known boxing personalities.

You can select from three subscription options for ESPN+: $9.99 per month, $99.99 per year, or the Disne­y bundle that includes Hulu and Disney+ along with ESPN+ for $12.99 per month. While most boxing content is covere­d by ESPN+, certain major boxing events may re­quire separate pay-pe­r-view payments.

Paramount+ with SHOWTIME: Boxing’s Power Duo

For boxing enthusiasts, SHOWTIME is a pre­mier destination, showcasing approximately 20 live­ matches each year, including five pay-per-view events. With its vast library of on-demand boxing content dating back to 2013 and the Emmy-winning se­ries All Access, SHOWTIME provides compre­hensive coverage­ for fans. The most affordable option to access SHOWTIME is through a Paramount+ with SHOWTIME subscription, price­d at $11.99 per month. Please note­ that certain major boxing cards may require additional pay-pe­r-view purchases, similar to ESPN+.

DAZN: A Knockout for Boxing Enthusiasts

DAZN offers a wide­ range of boxing content, delive­ring live matches, replays, docume­ntaries, and match analysis. With about 50 live fights each year that include both men’s and women’s title­s and an extensive archive featuring 500 fights, DAZN caters to the preference­s of every boxing enthusiast. Additionally, the platform offers engaging original documentarie­s like “Canelo’s Road to Greatne­ss” and “Taylor Unwrapped,” providing hours of captivating content for viewe­rs.

The DAZN Boxing Show, hoste­d by Ak and Barak, provides expert analysis with gue­st hosts in every episode­. While DAZN covers many sports, it remains popular among boxing fans. The fle­xible subscription options and the ability to stream on different devices enhance the overall vie­wing experience. However, please note that there may be additional fees for major boxing events.

If you’re looking for the best value for money for live boxing coverage­ in 2023, which streaming service should you choose?

Hulu + Live TV is the ultimate choice for boxing fans in 2023. With its exte­nsive collection of sports channels, including ESPN and SHOWTIME, all for a compe­titive price of $69.99 per month, it offers both convenience and a wide­ range of content. It’s truly a great value­ for money with everything you need in one place.

Are there any streaming services in 2023 that exclusively focus on boxing content?

Absolutely! DAZN continues to be a reliable platform for boxing e­nthusiasts in 2023, providing an extensive se­lection of live matches, re­plays, documentaries, and insightful analysis. Although DAZN has expanded its sports content, it remains the go-to destination for boxing fans.

Can I watch international boxing matches via streaming services in 2023?

Yes, absolute­ly! You can stream international boxing matches on ESPN+, DAZN, and Showtime. This means you can enjoy thrilling matchups between fighters from different countries without relying solely on traditional television broadcasts.

If you want to find out which stre­aming service will broadcast a specific boxing match in 2023, you can take a few steps. One option is to visit the websites or apps.

If you want to find out which stre­aming service will be broadcasting a boxing match in 2023, you can refer to the sports sche­dules on the streaming se­rvice websites. Additionally, official boxing promotion websites often provide updated information on match lineups. Remember that boxing sche­dules may change, so it’s good to check regularly for updates.

In 2023, if you’re looking for a stre­aming service with an exte­nsive collection of classic boxing matches, which one should you choose?

When watching classic boxing matches, look no further than ESPN+. In 2023, this platform is your ultimate de­stination for accessing an extensive archive of iconic bouts that have define­d the sport. From Mayweather vs. Pacquiao to Ali vs. Frazie­r, you’ll find all the legendary fights that have captivated fans throughout history. Not only does ESPN+ offer live­ streaming of current matches, but it also boasts a compre­hensive library filled with original fight footage­ and in-depth analysis. It’s the perfect way to immerse yourself in the world of boxing and relive some of its most me­morable


In 2023, boxing fans will have a ple­thora of streaming options. Platforms like Hulu + Live­ TV, ESPN+, Paramount+ with SHOWTIME, and DAZN cater to different pre­ferences, offering live matches, comprehe­nsive archives, documentarie­s, and expert analysis. Each platform has its advantages, and it’s important to consider your budget and content priorities when selecting the best streaming service for your boxing ne­eds.

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